SRP Teams Up with 3M to Manufacture Custom Solutions for a Telecom Company


LCI’s, or Liquid Contact Indicator’s, are small indicators that turn from red into another color after contact with water.

A customer in the telecommunications industry came to us looking for a more efficient solution that would enable them to identify water damage inside of their electronic devices using LCI’s.

In case of a defective device, service personnel can check whether the device might have suffered from contact with water. After contact with water, or other liquids, the device is not covered by warranty.


Our partnership with 3M allows us to work as the middle man between supplier and customer. Using their technology and material resources, they were able to produce a proprietary material specially made for our customer.

SRP provided solutions that helped reduce costs by changing the design of the part from a circle to a hexagon shape, which not only helped to increase the yield, but it also reduced the amount of material used in production.


Our customer benefitted from this product immensely. It was a low cost solution to an issue that potentially saved the company millions in warranties from customer’s using their handheld devices.

Materials Used

  • 3M 5557 Water Indicator Material Combined with Custom-Made 3M Security Tape

Manufacturing Process

  • Rotary Die Cutting