Automatic Slitting Services

When your application calls for strips of non-metal material — or you simply need a certain-sized roll of tape that’s unavailable from the manufacturer — SRP’s lathe slitter handles a wide range of materials in varying diameters, thicknesses and widths to get the job done. Our single knife lathe slitter cuts coils of foam rubber and adhesive tape from a master roll to the desired width — down to the nearest .3MM.

Lathe slitting for custom converting tapes, foam and rubber

A lathe slitter uses a computer-guided rotating blade to slice into a spinning roll of the selected material into the preset widths. They can be programmed to cut strips into varying lengths from the same roll.

Optimized Production

Auto slitting removes the need for an operator to manually set the movements and distances. With no die-cut parts or tooling, the production process is simplified which allows us to offer shorter lead times.


Auto slitters are well suited for a variety of small to large diameter materials including adhesive and non-adhesive tapes, self-adhesive tapes, VHB, foam & laminated foams in varying diameters, thicknesses and widths.


With no tooling or die-cut parts, lathe cutting is an efficient converting method for making custom cores and strips of materials, as well as smaller volume runs. Lathe cutting also minimizes material waste.

No rewinding required

One of the top advantages of lathe slitting is that the blade slices directly into the roll of material. This eliminates the steps of unwinding and rewinding (which occurs in rewind slitting), speeds up production and reduces cost.

SRP’s lathe slitting capabilities are a prime example of how we invest in new solutions that eliminate steps in the production process, helping our customers meet their deadlines and budgets.

Why SRP converting services?

  • SRP handles every step of production in-house, from proof of concept to shipping, offering our customers high visibility into the project status and flexibility.
  • Trusted partnerships: We work closely with our longtime die-makers to ensure the quality and precision tooling the job demands.
  • Quality control: We offer proof of concept with CAD technology as well as rapid prototyping to ensure design feasibility before committing to hard tooling.
  • SRP is continuously seeking improvements to service, quality and expertise, making us the trusted producer of your custom converted parts.
  • Our superior service and rapid response time provides exceptional value every time.

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