Silicone Gaskets

High-performance gaskets: Achieve multiple functions from one superior material

Custom adhesive-backed solutions for gasketing and sealing

SRP sources silicone from top brands in a variety of thicknesses and formats, and fabricates it to meet your specific requirements. Ultra soft silicone foam allows designers to seal enclosures with less force without sacrificing protection from the environment. Extra firm silicone is chosen for its excellent memory and low stress relaxation.

When it comes to the final selection of silicone material, SRP has the in-house expertise to pinpoint the precise material capable of achieving the performance the application demands, and fabricate custom shapes from rolls of silicone material.

Why Choose Silicone Gaskets?

Environmental sealing

Environmental sealing

As a gasket material, silicone is a top performer when it comes to locking out water, dirt and other contaminants, with remarkable abilities to resist compression set and maintain its full sealing abilities. Silicone’s ability to withstand high heat makes it a top choice for electrical and thermal management applications. At the same time, it maintains its softness in very cold temperatures. With its wide temperature range and resistance to moisture, UV and ozone, it’s well suited for outdoor applications.
Strength and resilience

Strength and resilience

Silicone is also extremely durable in demanding mechanical applications. The high tensile strength of silicone allows it to withstand the tension of stretching and twisting many times beyond its original dimensions before reaching its breaking point.


Silicone is an inert and FDA-approved material that’s trusted in applications where human health and well-being are at stake, like medical devices and food processing.


If you’re looking to enhance your design, silicone’s look and feel can make a product more appealing to end users.


Silicone isn’t always the best material for every application. It has poor resistance to petroleum-based chemicals and fluids. Also, it comes at a higher price point compared to other rubber gasket materials. If a less expensive material meets all the requirements for your gasket, that can provide a route to cost savings. Bottom line, silicone is a high-performance material that meets many demanding applications with its resilience, durability and superior abilities to maintain a long-term seal.

Types and Formats of Silicone Gaskets

Silicone Foam Gaskets

Silicone foam is soft and highly compressible, making it well suited for applications requiring low closure force and dust sealing. It conforms to variable-sized gaps, which provides additional design flexibility. Long-lasting compression set resistance can reduce gasket failures and maintenance expenses.

Flame-Resistant Silicone Gaskets

Used in various electrical and heat shielding applications, flame-resistant silicone gaskets meet various UL flame ratings and specification. Temperature resistance ranges from 103°F to 450°F. Available in soft, medium and firm.

Solid Silicone Gaskets

Solid silicone is a dense material ideal for demanding environmental sealing, such as water submersion. It comes in different durometer hardness options. Low durometer gaskets seal with low force, while higher durometer gaskets require more force and are often used with metal enclosures.

Silicone Sponge Gaskets

Sponge silicone has an open cell structure that’s used primarily for sound blocking, vibration control and shock absorption.

Conductive Silicone Gaskets

Low-durometer, electrically conductive silicones reduce EMI and RFI in a wide range of electronic applications, including handheld electronics, communication devices, electronic enclosures and laptop computers.

Applications for Silicone Gaskets

Electrical Insulation, Conduction & EMI Shielding
Gap Filling
Gasketing & Sealing
HEV Enclosures
Impact & Shock Absorption
Vibration Management
Flame Barrier

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