3M Adhesive Tapes

3M tapes and products provide a multitude of solutions for countless applications — from consumer electronics to industrial machinery — utilizing a wide range of materials. Whether your product requires long-lasting adhesive or protection from flame and heat buildup, SRP is ready to identify, supply and customize the 3M material. We’ll pinpoint the right 3M material for your application with speed and precision. As a proud preferred converter of 3M, we source the material directly from the manufacturer, and customize to the format you need.

What 3M adhesive tape and products can do for you

Speed up overall assembly process by eliminating welding, drilling and curing time
Reduces overall manufacturing costs with little operator training
Joins dissimilar materials without using bulky and noisy metal fasteners, rivets or screws
Improve product aesthetics with invisible, seamless fastening along with sound dampening and reduction
Enhance product safety and functionality with superior, low-profile flame and heat protection
Extend the life of electronic and mechanical products by transferring heat from sensitive components

3M Tapes and Products: Endless Possibilities  

3M Tapes for Gasketing & Bonding

Delivers low-profile, secure bonding for gaskets, seals and other surfaces to metal, plastic, glass, wood — there’s a 3M tape that’s engineered to fasten to virtually any surface on the planet, whether it’s smooth, textured, flat or curved.

3M Flame Protection

Protect consumers and end users with the safety-enhancing 3M Flame Barrier FRB series. Available in thin and flexible formats, 3M integrates seamlessly into your product design.

3M Thermal Management

Channel heat away from the source and protect sensitive electrical components from damage with 3M’s line of lightweight Thermally Conductive Interface Pads.


Gasketing & Sealing
Bonding & Attaching
LED Lighting
Thermal Solutions
Battery Pads & Cushions
Gap Filling
Shock Absorption & Vibration Control

3M Tapes & Materials

rolls of 3m vhb foam tape

3M Thin Bonding Solutions 

Discover a diverse array of thin bonding solutions courtesy of 3M. Partnering with SRP grants you the flexibility to select the roll of 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive or even fashion a customized roll tailored precisely to your requirements. SRP is your dedicated custom converter for 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape, enabling you to effortlessly apply a fine adhesive layer onto substrates without the hassle of gluing and curing. We also specialize in converting 3M Double-Coated Tapes. Discover your options and embark on your project journey.

3M VHB Tapes

3M VHB tape takes the spotlight as a true game-changer in the lineup of 3M tapes. This tape is more than an adhesive, it’s a high-performance bonding solution that keeps its powerful grip on surfaces for years on end, even when faced with the toughest environmental challenges. Say goodbye to metal fasteners and unleash new possibilities in design.

3m vhb foam tape gasket for touchscreens
strength of 3m vhb foam tape

3M Acrylic Foam Tape

Discover exceptional bonding solutions from 3M Acrylic Foam tapes, your answer to the trickiest bonding dilemmas. These adhesives wield a remarkable power to secure parts even on curved surfaces, offering a liquid-like flexibility under high stress load.

3M FRB Flame Barrier Paper 

3M Flame Barrier FRB Series is your ultimate source for flame-retardant insulation in OEM electrical flame barrier applications. SRP is your guide in pinpointing the perfect flame barrier material for your specific application and seamlessly transforms it into a tailored format that suits your needs, whether that involves slitting, cutting or expertly die-cut parts.

die cut 3m frb materials
placement of a custom 3m thermal pad part

3M Thermally Conductive Interface Pads

Ensuring the durability, performance and safety of sensitive electronic components heavily relies on effectively managing heat. Enter 3M Thermally Conductive Interface Pads: the solution to simplifying the assembly of heat sinks and power transistors. These pads not only make the process smoother but also play a vital role in conducting heat, preventing any buildup and ensuring consistent device performance.

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