3M Acrylic Foam Tape

Discover exceptional bonding solutions from 3M Acrylic Foam tapes, your answer to the trickiest bonding dilemmas. These adhesives wield a remarkable power to secure parts even on curved surfaces, offering a liquid-like flexibility under high stress load.

What are 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tapes?

  • Double-sided tape on an acrylic foam core widely used in automotive and solar applications
  • Thrives in outdoor environments with resilience against temperature fluctuations, varying weather conditions, UV exposure and solvents
  • Boasts exceptional adhesion to traditional, low surface energy, and scratch-resistant automotive paints as well as medium surface energy plastics
  • Distinctive foam core offers stress relaxation under high application loads, while upholding a sleek bond-line appearance under regular conditions

Benefits of 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tapes

Endures and maintains grip even when surfaces experience significant elongation differences due to temperature changes
Facilitates smooth and efficient assembly with ease of handling, immediate adhesion on contact and rapid attainment to handling strength
Seamlessly combines sealing and damping characteristics, enhancing its overall function and value
Unique viscoelasticity properties effectively counteracts stress loads
Enhances design flexibility, opening the doors to creative possibilities


LED lighting
Bonding and Attaching Automotive Parts
Gap Filling
Gasketing and Sealing
Shock Absorption & Control

Automotive Formulations & Data Sheets

  • 3M™ EX4500
  • 3M™ PT1100
  • 3M™ PT1500
  • 3M™ RT8004
  • 3M™ RT8008
  • 3M™ RT8010
  • 3M™ RT8012
  • 3M™ GT7000

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