3M VHB Tapes

3M VHB tape takes the spotlight as a true game-changer in the lineup of 3M tapes. This tape is more than an adhesive, it’s a high-performance bonding solution that keeps its powerful grip on surfaces for years on end, even when faced with the toughest environmental challenges. Say goodbye to metal fasteners and unleash new possibilities in design.  

What is 3M VHB tape?

  • Double-sided foam tape features high-performance acrylic adhesives
  • Designed to form exceptionally strong bonds that be used in place of metal fasteners like screws, welds and rivets

Your customers expect performance and durability. Deliver it.

3M’s line of VHB bonding and the RP-Plus foam tapes deliver unparalleled bonding solutions for products customers use every day. In the appliance and electronics industry, identifying the right tape for mounting panels, holding electronic displays and affixing nameplates requires a technical analysis of the adhesive.

What 3M™ VHB can do for you

Exceptional durability for long-term performance, both indoors and out
Viscoelastic properties absorb shock and distribute stress evenly
Enhances user experience with foam core’s shock resistance and vibration dampening properties
Elevates design with smooth, streamlined appearance, securely bonding dissimilar materials without the need of bulky fasteners
Endures through the most challenging climate and weather conditions, including UV light, moisture, solvents, temperature extremes and temperature cycling
Improves throughput with ease of application, quick assembly and instant bonding that reaches handling strength quickly

Applications of 3M™ Double-Coated Tapes

Gasketing & Sealing
Bonding & Attaching
LED Lighting
Thermal Solutions
Battery Pads & Cushions
Gap Filling
Shock Absorption & Vibration Control

3M VHB Tape Formulations & Data Sheets

  • 3M™ VHB 4910 Tapes
  • 3M™ VHB 4914 Tapes
  • 3M™ VHB 4941 Tapes
  • 3M™ VHB 4945 Tapes
  • 3M™ VHB 4950 Tapes
  • 3M™ VHB 5900 Tapes
  • 3M™ VHB 5952 Tapes
  • 3M™ VHB RP Tapes

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