3M Thin Bonding Solutions

Discover a diverse array of thin bonding solutions courtesy of 3M. Partnering with SRP grants you the flexibility to select the roll of 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive or even fashion a customized roll tailored precisely to your requirements. SRP is your dedicated custom converter for 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape, enabling you to effortlessly apply a fine adhesive layer onto substrates without the hassle of gluing and curing. We also specialize in converting 3M Double-Coated Tapes. Discover your options and embark on your project journey.

What are 3M Double-Coated Tapes?

  • Features an internal carrier, such as polyester film, tissue or paper, that’s coated on both sides with pressure-sensitive adhesive, and wound on a disposable release liner made with paper or film.
  • Once the tape is converted to a custom-sized roll or custom die-cut parts, it can be applied manually or with automation.

What 3M Double-Coated Tapes can do for you

The carrier in 3M Double-Coated Tape provides additional dimensional stability compared to adhesive transfer tapes once applied to the surface, with a carrier that facilitates smooth assembly.
Choice of carrier materials — polyester film, tissue or paper — accommodate unique design and assembly requirements. Tissue is easily torn by hand, while polyester facilitates ease of positioning on the surface.
SRP can also build a custom double-coated tape, including different adhesives on opposite sides of the carrier for optimal bonding of dissimilar materials.
Easily laminated to your substrate of choice and converted into custom gaskets, seals and pads.
Double-sided foam tapes feature a thicker carrier material for gap filling, high-strength bonding, sealing and vibration dampening.
Elevates and streamlines design with invisible bonding, expanding the creative possibilities.

Applications of 3M™ Double-Coated Tapes

Gasketing & sealing
Bonding & attaching
LED lighting

What are 3M Adhesive Transfer Tapes?

  • Provides a thin layer of adhesive on a release liner that can be applied directly to the substrate with light pressure
  • Offers a easy way to bonding thin or flexible materials
  • Can be used in place of liquid or spray adhesive to reduce production time
  • Can be die-cut into parts dimensions or provided in a custom-width roll for your specific application
  • Available in various bonding strengths and adhesive types, including acrylic, natural or synthetic rubber, butyl or silicone

What 3M adhesive transfer tape can do for you

Improves throughput, handling strength with less curing time than spray or liquid adhesives
Streamlines and improves design
Joins dissimilar materials without adding bulk
Achieves a strong durable bond

3M Adhesive Transfer Tape Formulations & Data Sheets

  • 3M™ 100MP – F9465PC
  • 3M™ 200MP – 467MP, 468MP
  • 3M™ 300MP – 9772WL, 9773WL, 9774WL, 9775WL
  • 3M™ 300LSE – 9471LE, 9472LE
  • 3M™ 300 – 9471, 9472
  • 3M™ Scrim – 97053

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