3M Thermally Conductive Interface Pads

Ensuring the durability, performance and safety of sensitive electronic components heavily relies on effectively managing heat. Enter 3M Thermally Conductive Interface Pads: the solution to simplifying the assembly of heat sinks and power transistors. These pads not only make the process smoother but also play a vital role in conducting heat, preventing any buildup and ensuring consistent device performance.

What are 3M™ Thermally Conductive Interface Pads?

  • Transfers heat from electronic components to heat sinks, heat spreaders or cooling devices
  • Provided in conformable and medium soft elastomeric sheets featuring thermally conductive ceramic particles and a slightly tacky surface
  • Applications in multiple industries including: consumer electronics, automotive, LED lighting, medical devices, communication infrastructure and aerospace

What 3M Thermally Conductive Interface Pads can do for you

Slightly tacky surface adheres easily to uneven substrates to fill gaps and enhance thermal performance
Offers exceptional compressive stress relaxation and are easy to handle for smooth pre-assembly
Lightweight material accepts die cutting to achieve a tailored fit with gaps and components
Unlike silicone products, 3M Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pads provide low-outgassing, as well as no siloxane VOC or oil bleeding, to reduce the instance of device failure
Enhances protection of devices with good electrical insulation properties, safeguarding the device against electrical interference and breakdown


Heat transfer between PCB and heat sink
Decrease compression stress to electronic parts
Gap filling in electronic devices
Chip on film (COF) heat dissipation
Power electronic component thermal management

Formulations & Data Sheets for Thermally Conductive Interface Pads

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