Protecting Automotive Electronic Components From Excessive Wear Using An Electrical Insulator


This customer had a heat sensitive electronic application and was concerned about protecting the internal components from electrostatic discharge and excessive wear.

Without changing the integrity of the final product, they needed to find a material that would not only fix the issues, but is also able to be integrated seamlessly into the application.

Fixing the issue would greatly improve the final product by protecting the internal components of the electronic device.


The solution recommended was to cut a thin layer of KAPTON to apply over the circuit board that would act as an electrical insulator and protection layer for the sensitive components.


Due to the performance of the KAPTON Polyimide Film, coupled with the available thickness, or thinness if you will, there was never a doubt that our manufactured part would make a better end product.

In addition to high performance dielectric insulation properties, Kapton also provided excellent high heat resistance. The unique construction of KAPTON polyimide film provided the customer with the additional abrasion resistance they were looking for.

Materials Used

  • KAPTON Polyimide Film

Manufacturing Process

  • Flat Bed Punch Press
  • Steel Rule Die-Cutting