Understanding the EMI Gasket

Electromagnetic interference, or EMI, is a type of energy that radiates from electrical equipment. EMI can result in equipment failure, so it is important to manage it with EMI shields, which can come in the form of conductive gaskets. These shielding products provide electrical conductivity across a gasket-flange interface. EMI gaskets weaken sources of EMI from within devices and provide protection from outside sources as well, thereby ensuring that equipment performs consistently and reliably.

At Standard Rubber Products Co. (SRP), we manufacture high quality EMI gaskets using the latest and most sought after materials on the market. We are focused on meeting and anticipating our customers needs by providing them quality EMI shielding products.

Knowing Which EMI Gasket to Use

When choosing which EMI shielding materials to use, it is important to know the radiated emission spectrum of the equipment on which it will be used and the specifications it must meet. EMI gaskets provide different levels of shielding effectiveness across different frequency ranges. Further, EMI gaskets are designed for different environments, such as extreme temperatures, wind and rain, and solvents. If the incorrect gasket for the conditions is used, the performance and lifespan of the gasket can be severely and adversely affected.

Another consideration with choosing an EMI gasket is the mechanical requirements. The main goal of an EMI shield is to seal an electronic enclosure in order to prevent electromagnetic interference. Mechanical design must be considered in order to properly pair an EMI gasket with the flanges of an electronic enclosure.

EMI Gasket Applications

Due to the importance of shielding electromagnetic interference, EMI gaskets have many applications. Essentially, they are used in any situation in which electromagnetic interference may cause performance issues in a piece of equipment. These applications can include:

  • Automotive control systems
  • Avionics
  • Communications systems
  • Computers
  • High-speed electronics
  • Indoor/Outdoor cellular/mobile base stations
  • Medical electronics
  • Military electronics
  • Shielded connector seals

At SRP, our knowledgeable team takes these factors into consideration when working with our customers. We have extensive knowledge of all the available materials, so we are able to work with you in order to design the best EMI shield for your application.