What to Consider When Designing an EMI Gasket

As you finalize the design for an EMI gasket, there are many layers of consideration to work through, so you choose the materials that deliver the performance and protection you need to meet safety requirements without blowing the budget. That can mean searching for an adhesive that can seal or hold a component in place, but also helps create a barrier against electromagnetic interference and leaking. The problem solving that goes into an EMI gasket design can be deceptively complex, though the objective is simple.

What are EMI gaskets used for?

All electronic devices emit electromagnetic interference, and one solution to prevent EMI leakage is creating a shielding gasket. Too much exposure to EMI interference leaking from a device can be dangerous, potentially causing an injury. Not only that, EMI leakage can also disrupt devices, causing disturbances, data loss and system failure. When it comes to maintaining critical systems, the design and material selection of EMI shielding gasket material can’t be left to chance.

An EMI gasket seals the enclosure of the device’s electronic components, blocking any gaps to contain the EMI interference and keep the end user safe. Creating a product that safely seals in EMI leakage requires choosing the right materials, from gap filler to adhesive.

How do you choose EMI shielding gasket material?

Answering these questions at the design stage can narrow your selection of the right materials.

  • What is the radiated emission spectrum?
  • Which specifications or requirements does it need to meet for shielding effectiveness?
  • What is the device’s environment like? That is, would your gasket be exposed to weather conditions, chemicals or solvents? If you choose a material that is incompatible with the environment, that can affect the lifespan of the gasket.
  • What type of gap filler do you need to build out your gasket?

While these questions focus on the performance of the material, you’re also evaluating cost.

Your choice of custom converter is just as critical as selecting the right material.

Get expert feedback on EMI gasket materials

When looking for a custom converting partner to create your EMI gasket, make sure your choice of gasket material is backed up with technical expertise to give you the feedback you can trust. That’s where choosing a converting partner that’s also a 3M Preferred Converting network can save you time and effort, getting you to the production stage more quickly.

SRP is a 3M Preferred Converting partner, which means our staff maintains a high level of skill and expertise with 3M materials because our partnership gives us access to training. If you’re stumped on the final selection, or need alternatives to meet your budget, our experts are here to help. For in-depth answers, we can even loop in a 3M representative on a conference call, so you can have complete confidence in your EMI gasket design.

SRP can also make prototypes of your custom converter. Once your design is finalized and quoted, we can quickly create the prototype samples you need so you can run tests on the effectiveness of your gasket seals.

Learn more about our custom gasket and converter capabilities. Contact SRP and request a quote.