Bridging The Gap: Polyolefin in PSA Tapes is a Game-Changer For Electronic Device Design

There’s no escaping electromagnetic waves. They occur naturally in the air, but they also emit from high-frequency devices. That’s a reality in our connected world. When it comes time to release your electronic device to the market, adequate EMI shielding is essential, otherwise the risk of exposure ranges from disruptive to damaging.

In the worst-case scenario, EMI causes data corruption, surges in voltage, current overload and overheating, any of which can shorten the lifespan of the device. (It’s no wonder hospitals, gas stations and airlines insist we keep our smart phones powered down around expensive equipment.)

EMI shielding tape provides a lightweight multi-purpose solution, as it simultaneously shields and holds components in place. But there’s one unfortunate reality in product design: Some substrates have many beneficial properties for electronic components, but present challenging design hurdles. That’s where engineers and product designers apply problem solving while keeping costs to a minimum.

When innovative new products unlock new solutions for challenging designs, it’s a game changer for OEMs. Recently, 3M introduced its 5113 series of electrically conductive tape, designed to adhere to some of the most challenging-to-bond surfaces while providing enhanced performance in EMI shielding.

What’s unique about the 3M 5113 series of electrically conductive tape?

This series of EMI/RMI high-performance shielding tape features polyolefin adhesive and a conductive matrix – giving you the combination of low-energy surface bonding with robust EMI shielding.

3M innovation: Polyolefin as a pressure-sensitive adhesive

The innovative polyolefin pressure-sensitive adhesive greatly enhances your versatility in electronic product design. These adhesives are designed specifically for bonding low-energy surfaces like polyethylene and polypropylene. These polymers are favored across multiple industries because of their low cost, lightweight properties, chemical resistance and durability. While these properties can make ideal components for electronic devices, bonding these low-surface energy substrates can be a struggle. The availability of polyolefin pressure-sensitive adhesive eliminates the need for more labor-intensive fastening methods.

Conductive components

The conductive fabric carrier and conductive adhesive gives the electrical current a path that provides reliable shielding against harmful electromagnetic waves, offering protection for sensitive components against damage.

Solutions and benefits of 3M 5113 series of electrically conductive tape


  • 3M Electrically Conductive Single-Sided Tape 5113SFT-50 for dynamic shielding and covering applications
  • 3M Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape 5113DFT-50 for complex grounding applications


  • Four-year shelf life to deliver a reliable, consistent performance
  • Greater design flexibility and versatility
  • Higher temperature resistance: Long term, up to 105 degrees Celsius in humid conditions
  • High adhesion and strong bonding to some low-energy surfaces, reducing the need for primers
  • Highly comfortable, allowing for precision in placement in tight spaces to create EMI sealed bond lines
  • Helps control signal interference through PIM mitigation for higher signal integrity and performance


  • Circuit interconnection
  • Camera module grounding
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • EMI shield and gasket attachment
  • Shield can lid
  • PCB/flex/chassis grounding
  • Bond line gap shielding
  • Medium pitch flexible circuits and PCBs
  • PIM management


  • General industrial electronics
  • Aerospace and defense electronics
  • Appliances, automotive and IoT devices
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Medical equipment

Source: 3M Electrically Conductive Tapes 5113 Series

EMI shielding solutions from SRP

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