Finishing The Foam: Real-World Examples of How Die-Cut Gaskets Fuel Innovation 

Custom die-cut gaskets solve a host of problems. As foams, sheet rubber and adhesives become more advanced, the possibilities expand. Gaskets make our world increasingly quieter, better connected, more portable and better designed.  

Foam Expo is an opportune time for engineers and product designers to collect samples of the best materials on the market. But the next step in the process is finding a converter to finish the foam, die-cutting it into functional gaskets. That’s where SRP comes in. 

We’re in the business of problem solving, identifying the best materials that enhance your product and die-cutting them with precision. 

Want proof? Here’s a sampling of our successes. 

Restoring Safety and Function to Gas Sensing Devices 

A manufacturer of a gas-sensing device was having serious issues with product design. The filter gasket was a critical component, sealing out dust and moisture and other contaminants. 

However, the closed cell foam gasket it was using had a high failure rate due to impact and compression set. 

Through our preferred partnership with Rogers, we quickly identified a substitute for the gasket: Rogers PORON® 92 formulation. Its superior resilience offered enhanced sealing ability — and better protection of the health and safety of the end users. 

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3M VHB Tape Shortens Production 

Metal fasteners are effective but aren’t without their downsides. Installation is messy and labor intensive. Over time, even a slight loosening causes irritating rattles and vibration for the end user. 

Our automotive client was seeking a quieter, streamlined alternative to metal parts. Thanks to our deep expertise in 3M VHB tape, we had the best formulation at our fingertips. 

This pressure sensitive adhesive has a powerful bonding strength that’s easily applied — helping our customer save significant cost through production efficiency. 

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Protection and Longevity For Fire Safety Devices 

A manufacturer of fire safety devices needed something long-lasting but protective. Smoke detectors require gaskets that resist flame and heat along with a compression set. 

Our solution: BISCO Silicone HT-800 foam. It can take a constant temperature of 392 degrees Fahrenheit and constant pressure to maintain a protective seal for the life of the device. When lives are on the line, performance is paramount. 

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Cost Savings and Rugged Protection 

When we can save our customers money — without sacrificing performance — we  will not hesitate to point out the less expensive option. 

A great example of that is this cabinet for a telecommunications application. All it needed for a seal was a simple, inexpensive closed cell sponge rubber that’s been on the market for years. 

Sure, there are advanced foam rubbers that cost more with impressive sounding properties. But if there’s no advantage, we’d never sell you the more expensive material. That’s our promise.  

Read our case study: Sealing Gasket for a Telecommunications Cabinet 

Here’s a second example of how we saved customers money: Switching to a More Cost Effective Material

SRP: Enhance Performance at the Best Value 

Some projects call from the latest and greatest material. Others need only a simple rubber that’s been around for decades. To us, what matters most is creating the best performance at the best value. Foam Expo is an opportune time to discuss smart solutions for your application. Fill out this form and let us know you want to talk to one our experts during Foam Expo.