High Temperature Gaskets For a High Temperature Application in the Fire and Life Safety Industry


One of our customers who manufacturers fire and life safety devices was in need of a high-performance gasket that offered not only protection against higher temperatures, but also a material that can withstand the life of the smoke detector.

The Fire and Life Safety industry is a very competitive market for manufacturers. When dealing with the safety of ourselves and others, people are more than likely going to seek out the most dependable products from the most dependable brands. It was extremely important to us that we come up with the best solution possible for our customer.


We recommended going with Rogers BISCO Silicone HT-800 foam. This material has a recommended constant use temperature of 392 degrees farenheit, perfect for high heat applications.

Also, since the nature of this material does not take a compression set, it was the perfect material for this specific application. BISCO silicones are ideal for sealing, cushioning, vibration isolation, and insulation.


The Rogers BISCO Silicone HT-800 had zero issues during the testing of the application. The compression set resistance allowed for this gasket to withstand the life of the smoke detector.

Being a Preferred Convertor for Rogers, SRP was quickly able to acquire samples, and get prototypes out in a timely fashion.

Materials Used

  • Rogers BISCO silicone foam HT-800

Manufacturing Process

  • Flatbed Punch Press/Steel Rule Die-Cutting