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PORON ThinStik

SRP is a Preferred Converter for PORON materials, and can convert PORON ThinStik polyurethane into custom gaskets, seals and pads.

SRP has been a Preferred Converter for Rogers Corporation’s PORON Polyurethane materials since 1999, including PORON ThinStik.

In gap filling and sealing design for ultra-thin devices, PORON ThinStik materials are an all-in-one solution, combining high compressible PORON foams with a pressure sensitive adhesive layer built into the construction. This innovation enables higher compressibility than traditional laminated adhesive constructions.

PORON ThinStik Features

  • Ultra-thin and highly compressible
  • Provides long term protection and sealingProvides long term protection and sealing
  • Available in 5 offerings


  • Ease of design – one product and one solution
  • Product offerings range from thin gap fillers to protection against impact
  • Adhesive withstands wide range of temperature and is chemical resistant

PORON ThinStik Data Sheets

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