What’s it like to work with SRP as your custom gasket partner?

What’s it like to collaborate with SRP to create a custom gasket for your project? At SRP, we take the partnership approach with each customer. In the following, we’ll show you who we are, and our approach to making each project a success.

SRP is a family-run custom gasket manufacturer

We can’t talk about ourselves without touching on our history. SRP was founded in 1951. Now that we’re in our eighth decade of business here in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, we’ve seen many changes over the years. But we’re still independently owned and operated, transitioning into our third generation, and that’s something to celebrate. Not only that, but three other families in our workforce of 50 have also built their careers here.

This success wouldn’t be possible if SRP weren’t doing something right. We arrive each day as a tight-knit team that’s vested in the success of every project that comes in. We know your success is our success.

The evolution of SRP as a custom gasket manufacturer

Our company started out as Standard Rubber Products. Today, we’re known as SRP because we’ve taken things beyond the basic rubber gasket:

  • Materials: We work with a wide range of elastomeric materials, including neoprene, EPDM, silicone, polyurethane, as well as electrical insulation materials, and many more.
  • Adhesives: SRP is a preferred converter for 3M, which enhances our technical expertise, quality and value.
  • Die-cutting solutions: With our expertise, we’ll help you select a cutting process to optimize costs and quality of your gasket.
  • Industries and products: Our gaskets are designed for a wide range of products that people use every day, including: electrical products, appliances, industrial machines, medical equipment, consumer products, military and defense, power tools and many more.

Though we’ve evolved to work with sophisticated materials and complex gasket shapes, we still live by one business basic: We know your business is riding on the seal we help you create. Our commitment is making a custom gasket that works for your product.

What’s the SRP advantage?

Our point of pride is in how we partner across many industries as well as companies of just about any size. This includes a number of Fortune 100 companies and here are a couple of reasons why.

  • Fast quotes: Once we have a detailed plan for the materials and cutting process, your quote will arrive in less than two business days.
  • Nimble processes: When your design team collaborates with SRP, our expertise across multiple industries and sealing materials ensures a smooth and seamless partnership.

At the same time, SRP is small” enough to provide personalized service. We find that companies of any size find value in that and it keeps them coming back.

  • Your SRP account manager has visibility and communication across the entire organization. When you need an update or have a concern about your project, getting answers and solutions is a fast and seamless process.

Getting started on your custom gasket project

SRP maintains no standard products and has no off-the-shelf items. Each gasket design is designed and customized for the specific product. Often, this process starts in one of two ways:

  • Detailed specifications for a fast start: Some customers, particularly well-established companies with on-staff engineers, provide a complete conception of their desired gasket that details all the materials and dimensions needed for the project. After a brief consultation, we can recommend a cutting process and set up a quote.
  • Complete design collaboration: If you lack the technical and materials expertise to set up a gasket project, don’t worry! Our team is here to help. We can provide samples and create prototypes, so you can move forward knowing you have the right seal for your product.

To learn more about our proven sealing capabilities, contact SRP and request a quote.