Proven Strategies to Optimize Cost Efficiency When Working With a Custom Converter

When choosing a custom converter for mass production of gaskets, it is essential to delve deeper and understand their competencies and business practices.

In today’s competitive market, striking the right balance between value and quality is crucial. When choosing a custom converter for mass production of gaskets, it is essential to delve deeper and understand their competencies and business practices. By examining certain key areas, exceptional converters can deliver exceptional value through efficiency. At SRP, these areas of focus have allowed us to provide outstanding results for our customers.

Materials Selection

Material selection is a critical aspect where an experienced custom converter can save you time. We can pinpoint the precise pressure-sensitive adhesive and foam material for the job — the one that performs best for the application, while enhancing the durability, functionality and quality of the end product. Look for converters with preferred partnerships with multiple suppliers, demonstrating a high level of expertise with their products. At SRP, our longstanding partnerships with top brands like 3M reflect the trust and confidence they have in our ability to represent their brand effectively.


Testing and prototyping are essential steps in the process, and a converter’s approach should facilitate rather than hinder these stages. Understanding the converter’s prototyping process, machining capabilities, and timelines for producing and shipping samples is vital to ensure a smooth and efficient development process.


Making the right call on the tolerance range of your part is essential to managing your costs. Whenever you die-cut foam and sponge material, some variability in the dimensions is expected between parts. The reason is when the machine cuts into the flexible material, it causes material compression, deflection and concavity. When you’re calculating specifications for soft components, you’ll want to adopt a tolerance range that’s probably wider than what you would normally choose for a hard component. But a skilled custom converter can calculate the optimal tolerance range for your gasket. This results in higher volumes of high-quality parts while minimizing material waste and production time.


Efficiency is at the core of lean manufacturing practices. Selecting the right machining process for specific materials is key. Different foams and sponges used in gasketing require tailored approaches to achieve the desired outcomes. By designing a production plan centered around efficiency, quality and waste reduction, a custom converter can help you optimize costs without compromising on the final product.


Effective communication and collaboration are fundamental to successful partnerships. At SRP, our independent structure allows us to prioritize clear communication, ensuring fast and reliable responses at every stage of your project. With a single focus on creating exceptional parts from flexible materials, we eliminate bureaucratic hurdles, providing you with a seamless experience. When you call us at any stage of your project — quote, update, order change, problem-solving — you’ll always have access to fast answers.

When you partner with an exceptional converter like SRP, you can achieve exceptional value through efficiency. From start to finish, we’ll help you achieve high-quality results while optimizing costs so you can deliver the best possible product for your customers. Contact us today!