Journey of a Gasket: How SRP Completes Your Custom Gasket Order

At SRP, our processes are built on quality and efficiency. Through our design review, intelligent solutions for your toughest challenges and efficient design for manufacturing, you get top-quality gaskets at the best value.

In the following, we’ll show you how SRP meets these objectives from start to finish.

Step 1. CAD file review

All projects begin with reviewing your design in a CAD file. After reviewing your inputs – dimensions and specifications – we’ll determine if we have everything needed to proceed with the project. Our team can convert your design into one of our desired formats. SRP also provides in-house design adjustments as part of our services, so if something changes along the way, we have it covered.

SRP preferred CAD formats: DXF, PDF, DWG, STEP

Step 2. Material Selection

SRP is your trusted resource for identifying the best materials for the job. Our decades of experience and up-to-date technical training with top brands means you don’t have to worry about wasting money and material on gaskets that won’t work.

  • Solutions: Can’t find what you need? When you’re faced with tight supplies, proprietary products and out-of-production materials, SRP will search for alternative materials that meet the performance standards.
  • Value: The SRP team is skilled at flagging over-spec’d projects and recommending more economic options. As an independent business, we get it: finding cost savings can make a big difference for your profits.

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Step 3. Design for manufacturing

In our design for manufacturing your gasket, we’re working to identify the fabrication process that gets the highest yield of usable gaskets at the lowest cost. We consider multiple factors: design, materials, volume, specifications, production speed and format.

Tolerance review: At this stage, we may flag the tolerance requirements to protect your yields and costs. Because all too often, a design comes in the door with the tight requirements you’d expect for a metal fabrication project. However, rubber and foam gaskets can often get by with looser requirements that account for the stretching and movement during production. We’ll work with you to find a tolerance range that suits the material and stays inside your quality requirements.

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Step 4. Material acquisition

SRP has preferred partnerships with the industry’s top brands of adhesive, foams, rubber and silicone including 3M and Rogers Corporation. You can count on the quality because we source everything directly from the manufacturer. Our partnership allows us to provide you with multiple advantages, including priority delivery and the best prices.

Step 5. Fabrication

SRP is an independent business with a focus on making quality projects for our customers. We’re always looking for tech updates and process changes to boost efficiency. When you call us for updates and adjustments, you can get answers immediately because SRP keeps everything in-house.

Step 6. Shipping

Once your order is finished, we’ll package and ship it to your requirements. If you have special requests for packaging and labeling, all you have to do is ask.

Problem solving, top quality and value: That’s the SRP way

SRP has created a frictionless process to making gaskets that’s focused on finding solutions and maximizing value.

Get started on your custom gasket and request a quote today.