High Temperature Gasket Design and Development

A high temperature gasket is designed to provide additional protection for products such as ovens and HVAC units where high temperatures are a factor. These seals are custom designed to provide a perfect fit that provides additional security and protection for products in a variety of industries.

At Standard Rubber Products Co. (SRP) we have been providing design and manufacturing services to customers for many years.

These seals work to provide environmental protection and buffering for the interior workings of products that range from cars and production equipment to cell phones. Their design also helps protect from long term degradation. They can even provide vibration and noise dampening to eliminate annoying buzz, squeak and rattle when these products are in use.

Design, Testing and Development

Our design team at SRP assists our clients from beginning to end. With the initiation of a design concept, our team assists in product design and testing to ensure a perfect product. This includes material selection as well as quality assurance testing. With a quick turnaround time, prototypes can be quickly developed. Once the prototype is proven to be effective, manufacturing methods are determined.

A strong analysis at the outset will determine what production method is the best decision both economically and for quality purposes for mass production. The high temperature gasket can be manufactured using a variety of processes including:

  • Rotary die-cutting
  • Flash cutting
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Steel rule die-cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Slitting
  • Laminating

As modern production and technology methods advance, the need for high temperature gaskets will continue to grow. New uses for gaskets will continue to develop as global industries grow and shift. We are confident our troubleshooting capability will be a great asset that can assist with your end design in mind. Do not hesitate to contact us for any gasketing needs. Having been in the business of gasket fabrication since 1951, we have the knowledge, experience and capabilities to help make your product a better one.