A World without Custom Gaskets

Gaskets and seals are not glamorous. However, these products protect materials from contaminants and moisture and provide an important cushioning effect. In fact, without custom gasket applications from companies like SRP, the world would be a much different place. Let’s imagine an alternate reality” where custom-made gaskets do not exist.

Make Your Own Seals

In a world of fast-paced production with constant deadlines to meet, many companies won’t have time to cut out and make their own seals. So, to save time and money, they turn to the easiest and fastest ways to seal things.

Bonded Products

Because there are no special seals or gaskets, many manufacturers will simply bond parts together to prevent fluid leaks and contamination. On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a bad idea. However, this creates a lot of “throw away” parts and products, because you can no longer take things apart to make repairs.

Problems with “Throw Away” Items

Since very few things are repairable, they end up in scrap heaps and landfills. When you multiply this problem by millions of products on the market today, it won’t take long for the landfills to become overwhelmed. In a world without quality custom gasket products, environmental issues abound.

Higher Prices

Imagine an entire car engine all “glued” together. Maybe engine makers will resort to “gaskets in a tube.” This takes longer than installing a custom gasket, so labor costs soar, and this has an effect on prices like a snowball rolling down a steep hill.

Not Much Fun

When you have more ecosystem problems and higher prices, everyone has to work harder for much less. Thankfully, SRP is here with high-quality custom-made gaskets for many applications, so you can rest easy tonight.