3M Specialty Adhesive Tape Options Offered by SRP

The innovative product line of specialty 3M adhesive tape products we offer at SRP meet a number of requirements for our customers across a range of industries. Some of these solutions include noise mitigation, safety line marking, vibration damping and thermal management.

Some of the 3M specialty adhesive tapes we offer at SRP through our facility include:

  • 3M Safety-Walk
  • 3M Bumpon
  • 3M Dual Lock Recloseable Fasteners
  • 3M Thermally Conductive Interface Tape
  • 3M EMI Shielding Foil
  • 3M Aluminum Foil Tape

3M Adhesive Tape for Worker Safety

Safety in the industrial sector is an extremely important aspect in everyday business. At SRP we offer a range of slip-resistant 3M adhesive tape products to help protect individuals in the workplace. These products be used in both industrial and residential settings and provide protection in wet, dry and oily conditions.

3M Safety-Walk

These slip-resistant tapes offer long-term durability. They are applied easily to surfaces (without the need for anchoring) through a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing without issues like tearing, wrinkling, lifting, curling or shrinking.

3M Bumpon

These self-adhesive rubber bumpers are used to protect surfaces, whether it involves automobiles, electronics or household appliances and cabinets. Various shapes, sizes and colors are available.

3M Dual Lock Recloseable Fasteners

These fasteners offer the strong bonds provided by 3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape combined with a branded snap-lock system. The resulting holding power is 500% stronger than a traditional hook and loop fastener. Other features include ease-of-alignment and the distinct sound of snap engagement that confirms its attachment.

3M Thermally Conductive Interface Tape

This 3M tape is a pressure sensitive adhesive with flame-retardant fillers and thermally conductive ceramic particles. Through its thin PET carrier, it offers great converting ability, good handling, and reworkability.

3M EMI Shielding Foil

If you’re applications involve reliable grounding, ESD protection or static charge draining, then the 3M EMI shielding foil and fabric tapes are a premier option. These shielding foil tapes come in a variety of options in terms of thickness as well as copper or aluminum material. Other features can include multiple layers, heat spreading and light shielding capabilities. Cover films may also be included with these high performance acrylic adhesive products allowing for better handling and resistance to puncture and tearing.

3M Aluminum Foil Tape

3M Foil Tapes resist flames, temperature extremes, high humidity, exposure to UV rays and most chemicals. With literally hundreds of options to choose from, no one carries a more complete line of these indispensable, metal-backed tapes. These foil tapes are thermally conductive, and have heat- and light-reflective surfaces to promote efficient heating or cooling. They also feature tough, long-wearing backings that are tear and puncture resistant.