Rotary Die Cutting | SRP

SRP has been manufacturing custom gasket solutions for customers in a variety of industries since 1951.

Rotary die cutting is a versatile fabrication process, and is used in a number of manufacturing processes to cut, form and shape sheet or rolled non-metallic materials. A highly accurate and speedy process, rotary die cutting functions well on high volume projects, producing little waste and featuring quick turnover times.

The rotary die cutting machines are composed of a heavy cylindrical anvil with a customized die which roles over a flat, depressed surface containing the female die features. The machine is fed materials, either from a spindle roll or flat individual pieces, which then passes through the rolling die. This cuts or perforates the desired shape from the material and deposits the finished shape down a line, while removing the scrap material.

Because the control of the anvil can be very precise, we can control the type and depth of cut from the die. Rotary die cutting performs very well in situations where the cutting material doesn’t have to touch the fabrication liner, called “kiss cutting.” It can perform high production runs with little waste.

Advantages of Rotary Die-Cutting:

  • High volume projects of consistent cut
  • Producing less waste than other, comparable methods
  • Low tolerance precision cutting
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Multiple process projects