Precision Die Cutting | SRP

SRP has been providing custom gasket solutions for customers in a variety of industries since 1951.

At SRP, our core business is, and has been for nearly 70 years, Die Cutting. From the early days of manually operated clicker presses to today’s high speed rotary presses, SRP has been the leading supplier of custom die cut products for countless industries around the world.

Our dedicated team consists of industry experienced
Manufacturing Engineers, Sales Engineers, Quality Technicians and Project Engineers.

Our Die Cutting capabilities are comprised of automatic feed punch presses in various sizes and tonnage, rotary cutters, multi-station rotary die cutting equipment, custom designed “kiss-cutting” equipment for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backed parts, high speed reciprocating head presses, and more.

All our equipment is designed for the economical processing of virtually any non-metallic sheet product; from elastomeric materials such as Urethane and Silicone Foams to Plastics, Films and Fiber.

We provide die cut solutions for a broad range of applications including: Gasketing, Cushioning, Sealing, Insulating, Shielding, Shock Absorption, Vibration Control, Filtering, Thermal Management, Bonding, Fastening, and Surface Protection. Certain materials can be cut or crease scored for easy bending and all materials are available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive backing.

We work closely with our die makers to ensure high quality precision tooling is utilized for your project. Cylindrical Rotary Dies, Steel Rules Dies, All Steel Dies, Compound and Progressive Tooling, Feed-Thru Dies, to name a few, can be applied for use in any number of our Die Cutting presses.

Using CAD technology, we offer quick-turn prototyping to prove your design before committing to hard tooling to save you time and money.

Through the continuous improvement of service, quality and expertise, SRP will be recognized as the leading converter and supplier of custom fabricated products. SRP provides exceptional value to our customers by demonstrating superior service, unparalleled quality and rapid response time. Our capabilities allow us to assist our customers from design assistance and prototyping through production and beyond.

Advantages of Precision Die Cutting:

  • Speed and accuracy
  • Low tolerance precision cutting
  • Perfect for medium to large production runs
  • Cost effective
  • Low cost tooling