What Makes Rogers BISCO® Special?

Silicone foam is one of the most versatile and useful materials in the elastomer market today, and when you come to SRP, you’ll enjoy a wide range of silicone foam, sponge, and rubber materials like Rogers BISCO Silicone products. Rogers Corporation is one of the most trusted producers of gasketing, cushioning, and sealing materials in the custom converting and fabricating business, and they serve a wide variety of applications and industries. Let’s check out some of the things these products have to offer and how they can benefit your end products.

Silicone Foam Products

Rogers BISCO® comes in solid, cellular, and specialty applications. The following is the performance you can expect when using BISCO® materials:

  • Resistant to Temperature Extremes
  • Resistant to UV
  • Resistant to Ozone
  • Extremely Resilient to Mechanical Fatigue
  • Excellent Compression-Set and Creep Resistance
  • Meets the most stringent UL Flame Ratings

Heat and Electrical Insulation

When you choose Rogers BISCO® products for your insulating needs, you have the benefits of thermal resistance and excellent electrical insulating properties too. These materials are commonly used as heat shields and protection from electromagnetic interference.


Rogers Corporation and SRP are both ISO certified companies. This assures you of the highest quality materials and fabrication with every purchase. An ISO certification means our companies have a complete quality control process in place. We take complete responsibility for quality, and assure the customers’ needs are placed first.