SRP’s Cutting-Edge Solutions: The Critical Role of Heat Management in Battery-Powered Electronics

Electronic devices are remaking our world. But they can also be dangerous when they’re not designed and manufactured with the end user in mind. Headlines about exploding laptops, hoverboards and smartphones in recent years are damaging to brands and put consumers at risk.

What’s causing these explosions? Look to the technological advancements that make these gadgets lighter, smaller, more powerful and portable. They produce more heat in smaller spaces compared to that of their predecessors. When devices lack proper heat and temperature management materials, the results can be catastrophic.

Then there’s the lithium-ion battery. Powerful, fast-charging and long-lasting, they also produce heat in the course of charging and discharging.

Excess heat degrades battery performance and battery life, or, worse, causes thermal runaway where the battery combusts or explodes. Prolonged exposure from high heat also damages components, shortening the life of the device.

Heat and Temperature Management Solutions by SRP

SRP’s inventory of heat and temperature control materials can help you overcome the challenges of designing compact, battery-powered electronic devices that end users can feel safe about using. The trust of your brand is at stake. Let us help you identify the best solution.

Thermally Conductive Tapes

Designed for high thermal conductivity to effectively transfer heat away, they come in various adhesive strengths and can be custom die-cut into the exact dimensions to integrate with your product. Streamline your design while enhancing heat and temperature control.

Insulating Tapes

Features insulation properties that prevent heat transfer where it’s not wanted. These foam-backed tapes come in various thicknesses that can be customized with the desired adhesive properties.

Thermal Interface Materials (TIM)

Made of lightweight material, thermal interface materials can be placed directly on the surfaces of delicate electronic components without damaging them. They also conform to rough and irregular surfaces to eliminate pockets and gaps — spaces where heat collects and builds. We custom die-cut thermal interface material to bridge components directly to the heat sink and completely fill the gaps. Heat is dissipated and components operate safely for their expected life span.

Closed-Cell Foam Insulation

Lightweight insulation shields sensitive elements from outside heat sources or other heat-generating elements. These may be custom die-cut and laminated to pressure-sensitive tape for sealing and gap filling. Because these insulating foams are available in a range of thicknesses and densities, they offer a versatile solution to meet the needs of just about any electronic design.

Conductive Foam

Lightweight foams are also formulated to provide conductivity for thermal management. Available in various compression strengths and conductivity levels for gap filling and sealing applications.

SRP Solutions to Enhance the Protection of Electronic Devices

Protect end users from the dangers of heat buildup in electronic devices with custom die-cut components by SRP. We’re well-equipped to pinpoint the solution for complex and challenging designs. As a Preferred Converter to 3M and other top brands, we have access to technical support with specialists in every industry to help you identify the most protective and efficient materials. Then we custom die-cut your chosen materials to your specifications, using the most accurate and efficient machining method.

Send us your CAD file and project requirements to get a prompt and hassle-free quote. Contact us today.