One Decade Later

We’re Expanding East

When the idea of opening a manufacturing facility on the other side of the world was presented to us, we were a bit unsure of the risks involved. It was a different country, culture, currency, language, and a different way of doing business. Not to mention the 15-hour flight, with a 13-hour time difference. From the time we decided China would be a good fit for SRP, until the day the doors opened was a little over a year. During that year we would come to find solutions to the hardships in which we feared from the beginning. SRP’s owners and managers were determined to make the best of this second location by hiring an Asian business consultant to help us navigate through the complexity of licensing a company in China. We decided against becoming a joint venture, and instead became an LLC. From there we landed on a location in Zhuhai, China.

Why Did We Go?

The company made the move to provide local support to one of our larger customers who was expanding their manufacturing base in Asia, and wanted localized manufacturing for shorter lead times and rapid engineering support.

Choosing Our Location

We scouted various locations from Beijing and Tianjin to Shanghai and Suzhou to the South Pearl River Delta near Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Our decision was to settle in the city of Zhuhai, located in the South Pearl River Delta because of proximity to the customer, and ease of transporting goods either by air, land, or sea.

10 Years Later

Next month marks the 10th Anniversary of the opening of our China facility. Since 2006, we have been able to build a successful manufacturing company through the development of trust through our customers, continuing support using U.S. managers, development of strong relationships with our key suppliers, and a business model that has changed to primarily supporting U.S. companies that have a presence in Asia.

In celebration of our 10th Anniversary, the President/CEO of our company, along with the Executive Director of SRP Zhuhai, will be visiting to celebrate a decade of successful business with the entire staff. The relationship, trust and support that we have built with our employees is the key driver to our success. Our business in Asia continues to grow every year, and we are proud of where we stand today.