Material Highlight: Rubberlite I-Series

I-Series is a microcellular polyether-based polyurethane foam technology with wide range of density and firmness options from a single chemistry and formulary.

  • Outstanding high temperature compression set performance
  • Highly advantaged compression fatigue performance
  • Initial product offerings range in density from 7 – 20 lbs./Ft.3


Demonstrates exceptional high temperature compression set performance while maintaining excellent tensile, tear, and elongation properties.

  • Competitive alternative for mechanically frothed foams.
  • Allows for down gauging in many applications
  • Enables the use of lower density products to achieve performance targets for many applications.

Demonstrates exceptional Cyclic Compression Fatigue performance for applications such as insoles.

  • Lab tests indicate a substantial improvement over mechanically frothed foams.

Provides a cost effective alternative to mechanically frothed foams.

  • Free-rise production with skiving to engineered thicknesses.

Versatile and diverse products for broad range of applications:

  • Available in a wide range of densities and compression deflections.
  • Available with highly effective antimicrobial additive.
  • Meets flammability requirements of FMVSS 302.

Property Sheets

Rubberlite Polyurethane Foams are a highly convertible material, making it easy for us to custom fabricate. This material can be custom cut into virtually any shape imaginable. Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is available on all products. SRP’s processing capabilities for this material includes: Die Cutting, Flash Cutting, Rotary Die Cutting, Waterjet Cutting, Laser Cutting, and Laminating.


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