How SRP is Managing Supply Chain Challenges

Like every other converter of flexible materials, SRP has been forced to extend project delivery dates. The shortages and long lead times for the arrival of materials, from silicone rubber to adhesives, are not limited to specific regions and companies. Everyone’s feeling it. Here’s our assessment: *Crazy*. In our decades in the business, this is all new territory.

As we make our way back to pre-pandemic production schedules, it will take equal measures of patience and agility on all our parts. Problem-solving is our way of life. These supply chain headaches don’t change that.

What’s causing custom order delays?

The root causes of our current market challenges are complex and far-reaching. But the COVID-19 pandemic kicked off a chain reaction that’s still in play. Labor shortages, raw materials and inflation are all things that are feeding into the availability of adhesives and foam rubber.

  • Production shortfalls: Lack of availability of raw materials that make the products we use is causing significant delays with our suppliers. As an example, some orders of BISCO products are quoted at 26 weeks (six months); sometimes longer.
  • Logistics logjams: The ongoing shortage of warehouse workers and truck drivers continues, and the container shipping backlog at major ports is slowing the delivery of raw materials and finished products.
  • Price increases: One of the core challenges everyone faces is the pricing volatility of flexible materials. This means price changes on our finished product are highly likely. At SRP, we always apply our experience and capabilities to identify the most efficient means of production to create a high-quality product. But like any business, we must also adapt pricing to cover our expenses.

Solution: How is SRP being proactive?

This is a difficult environment for anyone doing business. When you’re accustomed to great products in efficient timelines, these developments are hard for us to live with. (No one likes being the bearer of bad news.) If you choose SRP as your custom converter, please know we’re constantly monitoring the situation. We’re also evaluating our processes and seizing every opportunity to expedite orders.

Increased production pace

At SRP, we’ve temporarily extended our production schedule. As back-ordered materials arrive, we expedite delayed orders to get them in your hands as soon as possible. We’re not outsourcing any aspect of the product; we still do it all in-house.

Increased communication

Our top priority is restocking our inventory. That’s why we’ve increased our contacts with our supplier partners so we get up-to-date information on the arrival of back-ordered material. Once we get a confirmed date, we’ll pass that along to you, so your project plans are always accurate and always up to date.

Proactive planning

Getting ahead when we can is another thing we can do to make progress and smooth out the ripple effects. Even if you’re still waiting, take a good look at your future production needs and place the order now. That way, you can get back on track. If we can have enough advance notice, we’ll be more successful at having the material ready to start your project on schedule.

One final tip: Call us!

In normal times, we maintain a full inventory at SRP. But just because there’s a backlog in materials doesn’t mean *all* shelves and bins are bare and empty. If you’re looking for something, call us and ask. We might just have that exact grade and thickness you’re looking for in stock.

Give SRP a call or request a quote today.