High Quality Precision Die Cutting

It’s always difficult trying to explain to a customer, friend or innocent bystander exactly what it is we do here at Standard Rubber Products Co. (SRP). For over 65 years we have been providing custom fabricated products to a variety of industries working with small to large companies. In our world, we are considered a fabricator” or “converter” of non-metallic materials. What this means is we take raw materials such as sponge, foam and rubber and convert or cut them into custom shapes that fit the application they will ultimately be put into. This is where precision die cutting comes into play.

In order to maintain quality and accuracy, manufacturers like SRP use precision die cutting techniques to cut individual parts and components out of these raw materials. These services can be performed in a number of ways to produce products according to exact customer specifications. We can custom fabricate and shape a variety of materials quickly and accurately including: sponge, foam, rubber, foam tape, thermal tape, adhesive, plastic, vinyl, film and much more.

Methods of Precision Die Cutting

A number of different precision die and die less cutting procedures are available in our manufacturing process. The design, material type, and quantities of the customer product will determine how the parts will be manufactured. At SRP, we offer a variety of different methods depending on those customer needs. Our precision die cutting methods include:

  • Steel rule die cutting
  • Flash cutting
  • Rotary die cutting
  • Laser cutting
  • Compound die cutting
  • Water jet cutting

Steel rule die cutting, along with compound die cutting, are century old cutting techniques that are still used today and continue to be revised and revamped as technology continues to change the manufacturing landscape. SRP still utilizes these processes today due to their high output and quality manufacturing capabilities.

Die less cutting has become the ‘new age’ manufacturing in the converting world. By utilizing CAD software, our customers are able to send us computer files with their parts drawn, and those files are seamlessly uploaded into our database. Major benefits to die less cutting include rapid prototyping and ease of design changes. With this technology, there is no need to buy expensive tooling.

Our dedicated teams of engineers are ready to assist you with your next project and provide you with the expertise and quality materials for parts and components that meet your exact specifications.