Choosing The Proper Adhesive for an Adhesive Backed Gasket

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA’s) are commonly used in conjunction with adhesive backed gaskets and seals. Whether the purpose is to form a structural bond, act as a manufacturing aid, or improve the sealing performance of an irregular surface, choosing the best adhesive system for an application is important. PSA’s are the most common adhesive types for gaskets. Typically supplied on the gasket, the assembler then removes a release liner to press-fit the gasket in place.

Key considerations when selecting a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive:

  • Adhesion Properties – What is the gasket adhering to? Metal? Plastic?
  • Temperature Capabilities – What temperature range is required?
  • Chemical Compatibility – Will the adhesive be exposed to any chemicals?
  • Dimensional Stability – Do you need to eliminate stretching for assembly?
  • Weather Resistance – Will the adhesive be exposed to outdoor elements?
  • Special Properties – Does the adhesive need to be electrically/thermally conductive, flame retardant?

PSA’s typically come in the following formulations:

  • Acrylic Based – Adheres well to most gasketing materials and surfaces while offering a good operating temperature range (-50°F/-46ºC to +350°F/+177ºC intermittent)
  • Silicone Based – Adheres well to silicone elastomers and fair to other surfaces. Silicone adhesives offer the widest operating temperature range, (-80°F/-62ºC to +450°F/+232ºC) but are also the highest cost.
  • Rubber Based – For general use applications, typically lower performance and lower cost. Typical intermittent operating temperature range of (+50°F/10ºC to +150°F/10ºC).

Common Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Offered by SRP:

  • 3M 200MP – 467MP, 468MP, 9495MP, 9492MP, 9667MP
  • 3M 300MP – 9775WL, 9690, 9832
  • 3M 300 – 9472
  • 3M 300LSE Series – 9471LE, 9472LE, 9490LE, 9653LE, 9672LE
  • 3M L1+DCP
  • 3M Double Coated Tape 9741M
  • 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape F9465PC, 9460PC, 97053
  • 3M Electrically Conductive – 9713, 9719
  • 3M VHB F9469PC
  • Adchem – 256M, 5944M
  • Avery – EZ-8, 8302, FASTAPE D
  • Flexcon DLC503
  • Sekisui 5782
  • Nitto 500

At SRP, everything we manufacture is custom for each and every order. There are countless combinations of adhesive and gasket materials that can be made to create the ideal solution to any application. For more information please call us at 847-593-5630 or email to